3 Steps To Prevent Your New Vehicle From Being A Lemon In San Diego

3 Steps To Prevent Your New Vehicle From Being A Lemon In San Diego

You just bought or leased a brand-new car in California, and you’re now worried that it might be a lemon. The ideal scenario is that your car isn’t a lemon, but in the U.S., roughly 150,000 cars are each year. If your car does turn out to be a lemon, bear the following advice in mind: 

  • Create A List Of The Problems

Be a written list of every problem—no matter how minor—that your automobile is now experiencing before you visit the dealership to make sure you don’t forget anything. Give the service writer thorough details of each while you’re there to make sure that they accurately document each of your complaints. As the customer support professional types your issues into the computer to accomplish this, keep an eye on the monitor. 

  • Obtain A Work Invoice And A Repair Order 

When you drop off your automobile, get a repair order; when you pick it up, get an invoice. According to the law, you are entitled to this paperwork. Never take it with you when you leave the dealership. Dealerships routinely let customers know that a part for their car has been specially ordered and that they’ll “leave the ticket open” until they bring their car back in for repair when the part comes. 

  • Keep Every Document

Even though the paperwork created by auto dealers and maintenance facilities is important in California Lemon Law issues, customers occasionally overlook it. Most of us give the service writer or advisor’s actual computer input very little to no attention. Since they are typically overloaded with paperwork when they leave a dealership, some consumers decide to throw away the paperwork they receive. 


What Are the Signs That A Car Is A Lemon? 

  • The car should be examined and driven. Give the vehicle a thorough inspection before making a purchase. 
  • Get a copy of the title restriction on request. 
  • Have the car inspected before you buy it? 
  • Try looking for window decals. 
  • Don’t get a vehicle with a lot of extra features. 

What Does It Mean When A Car Is A “Lemon”? 

What Qualifies as a “Lemon”? According to the majority of state laws, an automobile is considered a lemon if it has a significant warranty-covered flaw that surfaced soon after you bought it or within a certain amount of miles and that has not been fixed despite a reasonable number of repair attempts. 

How Do You Know If It’s A Lemon? 

The quickest way to tell if your car is a lemon is to check for persistent problems or faults. This issue must have an effect on the car’s usefulness, safety, or use within a specific time frame. If a car has had the same problem addressed on it four or more times throughout the warranty period, it is deemed a lemon. 

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