3 Signs You Have a Lemon Vehicle in San Diego

3 Signs You Have a Lemon Vehicle in San Diego

A lemon car is a vehicle that consists of severe manufacturing flaws. It’s a car that is not operating as stated in the terms, and the repairs are taking far too long. San Diego Lemon Law states that your warranty is entitled to free maintenance, and even after repairs, if the problem exists, you are entitled to cashback or the vehicle’s replacement. According to the state’s lemon law, if the problem exists even after the fourth repair,  you have the right to make a claim for a lemon car and get the compensation accordingly.

If you are driving a lemon car, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. The manufacturer malfunctions can affect the steering, brakes, and transmission of your vehicle. It is essential to be fragile and notice any shortcomings in your recently purchased vehicle, so you take the required measures and get in touch with a California lemon law attorney.

Here are five signs you have bought a lemon car:

1. Pay attention to the steering

During driving, if you feel anything wrong with the steering, make sure to have it checked by a professional right away. If the car seems to drift to a side and you need to steer it over in a straight direction, the steering is damaged or worn out. If the wheels feel tight or slacks, this also indicates a problem in the steering.

2. Check the tires

The tires are also an indication of a lemon car. Make sure to check how the tires have worn out since you purchased the vehicle. The best way to do this is to notice the tire’s sides for any wear and not the middle part. There is a problem with tires if the lines are unevenly distributed. That may also indicate a problem with the alignment of the tire and brake malfunction.

3. Check the tailpipe

Smoke is one of the leading indicators for a car with manufactured faults. If you see black smoke coming out of your vehicle, make sure to have a mechanic look at it. If you see blue smoke coming out of the car, it indicates the oil’s burning, and you will have to go through expensive repairs.

4. Check for recalls

Make sure to check the official recall list of vehicles. Every manufacturer generally issues recalls if a particular model has factory faults. The memory may have gone unnoticed, and you have ended up with a lemon car. You can find the list on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you believe your car qualifies under San Diego Lemon Law, do not hesitate to call the manufacturer or the dealer. You can also get in touch with Scott Law Group P.C. at (619) 345-5599 to review your case and provide you with assistance.