2018 Chevrolet Traverse Problems In San Diego

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Problems In San Diego

While the Chevrolet Traverse has been praised, it has had a poor track record in terms of reliability until lately. The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is one of the most unreliable models. Engine problems are among the most serious issues plaguing the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse.

The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse has a 6-speed automatic transmission that is supposed to be more efficient and up to 35% better than the old model. The new engine produces 310 hp, which is 40 more than it did in the previous generation. 

If you have driven an earlier version of this SUV, however, you may notice an underpowered feeling from time to time when accelerating quickly at higher speeds on the highway. This is most likely because G.M. replaced a larger V6 with Chevy’s smaller one. While consumers are still praising this vehicle for its power overall, they aren’t thinking much of it.

One of the significant issues owners have mentioned repeatedly on forums about their 2018 Traverse is that they have had to take their cars in for repeated repairs when it comes to the engine. A quick Google search of “Chevy Traverse engine problems” will bring up hundreds of complaints about this issue – many from owners who haven’t even owned their vehicle a year. Chevrolet has offered some assistance with out-of-warranty repairs on the engines for some customers, but only after enough people have complained.

G.M. acknowledged that there were issues with early versions of its 3.6 liters and 2.0 turbo motors and had issued a couple of public service announcements (PSA). In response to one such PSA, G.M. helped owners get warranty work done at no cost by extending warranties or covering all costs if the owner didn’t want to wait for a warranty repair. 

The 3.6-liter engine has been reported to have stalling issues, as well as oil leaks that cause misfires and excessive engine knocking. Complaints peaked in 2015 when owners started reporting repeated trips back to the dealership to get their cars fixed by G.M. around 70 days after service visits were completed. Since then, there have been some improvements, but engine problems are still being reported regularly on forums.

Despite efforts by Chevy to fix the problem since then, very little was done between 2016 and 2018 except for sending out another PSA that is supposed to resolve the issue — if you take your car in to have it looked at within 8,000 miles. Owners who are having problems are being told that the issue has been resolved. And that there is nothing to worry about.

The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse has some flaws that customers have complained about. If you’ve experienced problems with yours and want to know if you’re covered under lemon laws in San Diego, don’t hesitate to contact Scott Law Group P.C. right away at (619) 345-5599.


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