Lemon Laws in San Diego: Not Just for Autos

Lemon Laws in San Diego Not Just for Autos

People usually relate lemon laws with consumer vehicles. It is not always correct. Under San Diego Lemon Law, motor homes and towable recreational vehicles are also covered. 

For claiming coverage under the lemon law, it is important that your towable recreational vehicles and motor homes meet specific conditions, have a manufacturing defect, or be a cause of a safety hazard. 

Do not forget that the specific defect should also be covered under the manufacturer’s written warranty. The owner of the vehicle should instantly report the defect to the dealer before the time mentioned in the warranty term. 

The vehicle owner should give written notice of the defect. Along with this, at least one chance for the dealer to fix the defect. It is preferred to send the written notice through the mail. This is done in order to gather proof that you sent a notice. 

As the vehicle owner, it is your right to give the manufacturer fair attempts to repair the lemon vehicle.

For lemon motor homes and TRVs, the claim must be filed within six months of the period following the expiration of the warranty term. This means 24 months after the purchase or 24,000 miles for a motor home. 

The filing period is usually established in accordance with whatever occurs first from these conditions. It is best to file the claim as soon as you realize and find out the defect and that the dealer is having difficulties repairing it. 

Another important thing is to not expect any upgrades without additional costs. It is essential that you do your research too and have professionals at your help to get warranty repairs for motor home or TRV. Consult with a Lemon Law expert lawyer and file your claim and objection at a suitable time. 

The process will take a longer time if you choose to do it on your own compared to taking help from lemon law lawyers. A lemon law attorney will eliminate any possible chance of skipping a step during the process, and with law, you must take careful actions. One mistake can take your case back. 

Further, if you are not satisfied with the decision, you and your lemon lawyers can appeal to higher courts for the change of decision. 

Hiring an authoritative lemon law attorney is crucial for you to beat the odds. As a vehicle buyer, you have certain rights under the San Diego lemon law. If you fail to understand your terms and criteria of your purchase agreement, you could risk your financial savings and thousands of dollars.

Do not allow this to happen. Contact our team at Scott Law Group P.C. to help you out. If you feel that the vehicle you have purchased is a threat to your safety and is a highly defective motor home or TRV, call us today at (619) 345-5599! We will thoroughly go over your case with you and explain to you your rights!