Know Your Rights Before Buying a Car

Know Your Rights Before Buying a CarVehicle owners in America that mistakenly purchase a vehicle with defects have more rights than they know. They aren’t alone when dealing with this matter. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that roughly 150,000 vehicles with defects are unknowingly purchased in America. These vehicles are called “lemons.” 

A lemon vehicle is distinguished if it has repetitive and unfixable defaults. These defaults can range from small mistakes like errors in paint, foul odor, or dangerous mistakes like fuel line issues and malfunctioning of safety systems. 

Automobile companies like Ford, Honda, Toyota, GM, and more build thousands of lemon vehicles each year. This costs thousands of dollars to consumers trying to fix it. 

At Scott Law Group P.C., we deal with American vehicle buyers that purchase new vehicles, thinking it would work perfectly but instead face issues and hassle to fix it. We specialize in state and federal lemons laws and will get you the justice and coverage you deserve. 

Therefore, it is important to know your rights before buying a car. So in case if it turns out to be a lemon, you must be aware of the standard of protection that the United States has offered for you. 

Lemon laws offer two ways to safeguard consumers in case the dealer fails to repair the defects permanently. The first is to repurchase or buyback. In this case, the manufacturer will refund the expenses plus the money the buyer spent on the lemon vehicle. 

Buybacks usually resolve within three weeks. This is the best option for resolution as the manufacturer does not oppose the claim, and the buyer can avoid the fight in court. 

The manufacturer simply returns the consumer the vehicle’s full price, including its taxes and registration fees. This may also include rental car fees, personal property damage or towing, and other costs that the consumer faced during the process. 

While consumers sure have the right to protect themselves from lemon vehicles, however, these rights come with certain limits. Every state in America has a statute of limitations on its lemon law accordingly. 

For example, if a vehicle owner waits too long to claim lemon law coverage, they may no longer have an authentic legal standing. This statute of limitations differs from state to state and is dependent on the laws of the states. 

Our lemon law lawyers at Scott Law Group P.C. have years of experience getting the consumers their rightful claims. We are not afraid of taking multinational companies to court for the sake of our clients. We have a proven track record of winning and getting clients the compensation to which they are entitled. 

 Do not wait longer, as the longer you wait, the harder the process would become. Contact Scott Law Group P.C. at (619) 345-5599 today and get back on the road! We will let you know your rights and prevent a lemon vehicle from leaving you hanging on the side of the road!