How Long Do I Have to File My Lemon Law Claim?

How Long Do I Have to File My Lemon Law Claim.

Thousands of car owners in America experience a nightmare every year on their purchase of a new vehicle. The good news of purchasing a car soon turns into an unforeseen problem. It could be a strange smell, faulty brakes, or engine failure. This is not the fault of the owner that they purchased a “lemon” vehicle. 

A lemon vehicle is a vehicle that has defects in its parts or systems. Lemons can be costly and consumers might lose hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars. Other than the monetary loss, they may go through the loss of work, towing, use of alternate transportation, and more issues. 

If this is what is happening to you, you are not alone in it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated the roughly 150,000 such lemon vehicles are purchased by Americans every year from manufacturers like Ford, Hona, Toyota, General Motors, and more!

Faulty parts and systems, manufacturing defects, and human errors are all the causes that lead to a defective vehicle. Regardless of this cause, vehicle buyers have legal help in getting compensation. America’s every state has a “lemon law”. 

The law is formulated to empower consumers and in order to give them fair treatment. Lemon law forces manufacturers in honoring the warranties of their products. 

Consumers in San Diego must file for lemon law complaint under the 42 months from the date they got their warranty issued. In case the consumer drives the vehicle up to 20,000 in the very first year after the delivery of the vehicle, then he must file the San Diego lemon law complaint before his vehicle travels another 4,000 miles. 

This may be necessary even if it before the 42 months expiration time mentioned above. A consumer must seek the help of a San Diego Lemon Law Attorney to verify the time remaining so that they can file a claim timely. 

Lemon vehicles in San Diego should meet specific conditions before their owners can opt lemon law claim. There are three such tests to determine that: the four times test, the serious safety hazard test, or the 30 days test.

There are certain conditions to clear these tests. For example, a vehicle clears the four times to test if the owner takes it to the dealer twice in the first year or 12,000 miles and twice more after the first year or 12,000 more miles following the first repair attempt and so on. These conditions must be met to file for Lemon Law.

United States lemon law also statutes of limitations for civil as well as criminal claims. Specifically serious criminal claims though do not these statutes of limitations. These vary from state to state and are different according to the claims.

 Our Lemon Law Attorney has the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate federal and state laws and their limitations. We will get your claim the best outcome possible.