Jeep Cherokee owners report their Jeep Cherokee experience delay shifting from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gears. The owners commonly complain the transmission does not downshift, abruptly lunges into gear or does not accelerate the Jeep. Just listen to this unfortunate consumer:

This is a known issue. Jeep issued multiple technical service bulletins to address DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) P0887-00, P061B-00, P0711-00, P072F-00, PO76F-00, P0810-00, P1CCC9-00, P0734-00 i.e.,
• TCM Power Control Circuit High
• Internal Control Module Torque Calculation Performance
• Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor A Circuit Range-Performance
• Stuck In Gear 4
• Gear 7 Shift Incorrect Ratio
• Clutch Position Control Error
• Unable to Engage Gear
• Gear 4 Shift Incorrect Ratio

If you own a Jeep Cherokee with rough shift, no shift, harsh shift symptoms call me. Even if the dealership tells you it cannot duplicable the concern or there is no problem with your Cherokee, I may help you. (619) 345-5599.